A glimpse into Mexico’s broadband Internet growth

Joel Pacheco
Joel Pacheco Gonçalves

Head of Marketing at McAllen Data Center

We got our hands on the official report for Mexico’s telecommunication growth by 3Q 2016. The market keeps growing non-stop, and I prepared a list of key statistics that you should know about this emerging market.

Fixed Broadband Market Stats

  • During Q3 2016 alone, the Mexican market added 15.7 million subscribers to its fixed line broadband business, of which 75% have speeds higher than 10Mbps.

Household Subscribers and Fixed Broadband Penetration (Source: IFT)

  • The fixed line broadband market in Q3 2016 had a 9.1% growth compared to Q3 2015, which resulted in a 47% national household penetration for this trimester.
  • The north of Mexico has a larger household penetration, surpassing 60% in all border states.
  • The fixed line broadband market share has three major participants. Telmex-Telnor is leading with a 57.7%, followed by Televisa with a 21.4% and Megacable-MCM with 13.5% of participation.
  • Regarding connectivity technology, DSL represented 48.8% of subscribers, followed by a 34.9% in Coaxial Modems and a 14.3% in Fiber Optics.

Fixed Broadband Market Share in Mexico (Source: IFT)

Mobile Broadband Market Stats

  • Mobile subscribers reached 110 million resulting in a 90% national penetration.
  • Mobile broadband subscribers grew 24% to 71.6 million compared to the same trimester last year, reaching a 58% penetration throughout Mexico.
  • Telcel leads the mobile business with a 65.7% of the market, followed by Telefónica and AT&T with 26.2% and 6.5% respectively.
  • The monthly average data consumption per subscriber reached 805MB, with AT&T topping the ranking of wireless carriers averaging 1,390MB per subscriber.

Average Data Traffic per Subscriber (Source: IFT)

  • Regarding total data traffic by 3Q 2016, Telcel is the wireless carrier with most data exchange with 122 billion of MB or 122,000 TB (69,8%), while AT&T and Telefonica followed with 33.8 (19,4%) and 18.8 (10,5%) billion of MB respectively.

Data Traffic Share by Mobile Operator (Source: IFT)

Continuous growth after the telecom reform

Mexico’s annual fixed broadband market growth was 9.1% by 3Q 2016, bested only by China (18.7%) and Turkey (9.7%), and although mobile broadband penetration in Mexico is not yet equal to US or European levels, its ever-increasing growth by Q3 2016 sustained a year-over-year rate of 23.6%.

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