Dedicated Fiber Solutions

International Fiber Crossing

Unlimited bandwidth, maximum control, and network security one stop shop. Get from Reynosa to our data center in McAllen with only one provider using our redundant crossing ring.

A smarter way to global expansion

MDC provides a secure and scalable infrastructure to work for you. We handle the heavy-lifting while you make the decisions and keep control over your network.

Cost effective

Cost effective

Save on hardware expenses and get all the benefits of owning the fiber without having to build it.

Hassle free

Hassle free

Reduce time-to-market by saving the time and effort of opening a new international operation.



The route is diverse from existing routes in the Mexico - US border and provides a second crossing path across the Hidalgo Bridge for even more peace of mind.

All-in-One Colocation Bundle

We make it easier for you by offering a full colocation bundle including International Crossing, Always-on Colocation Services and Customer Support, so you can manage everything with just one supplier.

More Colocation Benefits

Flexible deal with competitive pricing

Our Dark Fiber IRU Service allows carriers to purchase an IRU for a period of 10 years with renewal option. Carriers can chose between an one-time payment or a simple monthly recurring charge (MRC).


Traditional IRU

This option allows MDC clients to enter into a 10-year irrevocable long-haul lease to use dark fiber in the routes described above. The basic terms of the lease include: a one-time payment (with some portion due at the time of lease execution and the balance due at the time of delivery), and annual recurring payments for Maintenance.


Lease Option

This option allows MDC clients to save CAPEX by entering into a long-haul lease for a 12, 24 or 36-month term to use our dark fiber services. During the initial term, clients make monthly payments to MDC for the right to use dark fiber and normal maintenance. You have the right to convert to a Traditional IRU at any convenient time.

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