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El Paso, at the farthest western tip of Texas, is the largest metro area on the US-Mexico border and along with Ciudad Juarez in Mexico represents a 2.7 million population market. MDC | El Paso presents a much-needed unique proposition of carrier-neutral colocation and international fiber crossings to Mexico.

Experience the freedom of Carrier Neutrality in El Paso

Strategic Location

Why El Paso?

El Paso is one of eight U.S. International Communications Gateways and offers one of the most sophisticated telecommunications networks in the country. The city is strategically located on all major digital networks with the largest long-distance carriers having at least one point of presence with direct access to the backbone of the Internet.

Everything you need to succeed

MDC brings its proven interconnection-first model to El Paso, Texas, focusing on reliable colocation services, a carrier-neutral ecosystem, and diverse routes with international fiber crossings into Mexico.

Carrier Neutrality

Carrier Neutrality

We are the first 100% carrier-neutral data center in El Paso. You are free to choose the most convenient providers for your solution. We don't get in the middle.

Purpose-built Data Center

Purpose-built Data Center

Because we understand how important it is to you; MDC | El Paso has a redundant infrastructure, reliable and secure so that you can focus on your business. No worries.

International Fiber Crossing

International Fiber Crossing

With our fiber crossing infrastructures, you get the benefits of unlimited bandwidth dedicated to your business and the support of MDC's end-to-end solutions into Mexico.

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Whenever you think about interconnecting to Mexico, think MDC on these strategic locations.

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